Sunday, December 14, 2014

America :The Land of Unlimited inflammation

  American food is full of inflammatory ingredients, unlike indian, chinese and italian food.
Indian food is a combination of inflammatory and anti inflammatory ingredients. For example, we have white rice with curry. White rice is highly inflammatory, but curry has ingredients such as garlic, ginger and other spices which counter inflammatory effects of the white rice.Indians also eat yoghurt with rice at the end of the meal to replenish the probiotics required to digest the food.
  Italian food also employs spices and red wine to counter the inflammatory effects of the food.Chines e food has green tea and soy sauce as anti inflammatory ingredients.

Sadly a typical american meal at Mcdonalds or Taco bell does not have any anti inflammatory ingredients.  

America-The Land of zero Inflation

On a recent trip to India, I realized how much the prices for everyday essentials are increasing year over year in India. However in the US, I remember when I first came to this country in 2007, the price of a six inch sub was 5$ and even today it is 5$. America has somehow been able to curb the inflation of prices of food items. From 2007 to 2014 I have witnessed the price of the US Dollar increase from 39 Indian rupees to a dollar to 61 Indian rupees to a dollar

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Three Reasons Why I loved flying Emirates?

Recently I got a chance to travel in emirates airlines from India to the U.S via Dubai. Travelling with emirates was the most rewarding and relaxing airline experience. I have traveled multiple airlines including Jet airways, Lufthansa and Etihad and never felt as good as flying Emirates.

1) Extremely good service.

    All the support staff in the airports as well on board the aircraft were extremely polite. They also allowed me to check in my baggage even though they were couple of kilograms overweight without paying extra charges. I had a very bad experience with Etihad, where they penalized me last year for just being one kilogram over on my checkin baggage allowance.The Arab lady ahead of me in the line was allowed to checkin her baggage even though she was 3 kgs over.The support staff on Etihad seemed to give differential treatment based on nationality.

2) Awesome In flight entertainment

     Their entertainment system contained a large collection of movies and sitcoms which cannot be matched by another airline I have taken. After the 16.5 hour flight from Dubai to Los Angeles, I felt bad, that I did not have enough time to complete watching what I had planned to watch when the flight started.

3) Delicious Food.

     A Middle eastern Airline providing me with a very tasty 'Asian Hindu Meal' floored me completely.I loved that the staff took very good care of my personal preferences.

Emirates left me with such a 'feel good' experience after a 21 hour journey, that they have won my lifelong loyalty and good will.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

India's greatest export

If anyone ever asks me what is India's greatest export. I would definitely say its Hinduism. I am amazed by the number of Americans and Britons whom I have met, who believe in the law of karma and reincarnation

The beauty of Hinduism is that it accepts wholeheartedly the existence of other religions through the following lines in the Gita

"Whosoever comes to Me, through whatsoever form, I reach him; all men are struggling through paths which in the end lead to me."

Any religion which markets itself saying that I am the only way to God, is not only insulting itself but also God. Its like saying that we can only reach America from India via the Pacific ocean and not the Atlantic Ocean.

Also I would like to add, its only when we try a different path, do we really discover something spectacular .Just like Columbus discovered America when he was actually trying to find a different route to India.

The world offers a wonderful menu of religions, and we as human beings should try and learn from all religions.  Who orders the same sandwich again and again and visit the same the restaurant again and again for every meal. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

How I lost weight ?

After spending nearly 5.5 years in America, I had put on at least 6 extra inches on my waist and 20 extra pounds. As far as discipline in food habits is concerned, I am a big zero. I fell for the easy accessibility of junk food, coke,burgers and tacos in America. Junk food became 'comfort food' for me especially on stressful long days at work which only compounded my weight problems.
    Also the fact that people around me were in comparison more obese then me did not help either. Even though I was 'very fat'  by Indian standards(Human standards :-)). I was just normal weight compared to the folks around me.
   Last July, I came back to India and I was forced to live a weight loss lifestyle. Zero/minimal accessibility to junk food and more work to be done for the same task to be done in America, in India meant that my body was forced to lose weight.Also power cuts/shutdowns in India meant that I had to take the stairs instead of the elevator.Also in India, I felt extremely fat in comparison with folks around me, which fueled my urge to lose weight even more.
 So the best advice I can give to obese Americans desperately trying to lose weight is to move to some safe developing country and work there for a year. Unless you are extremely disciplined and turn a blind eye to all the yummy eats in america, you will be sentenced to lifelong obesity by America. Don't let your health become victim to an environment which only gives you unhealthy food choices in abundance.American are definitely in many ways victims of their own country's success.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Miss America can never be Miss India

America once again proved that it is still the land of opportunity and a country that does not discriminate people based on color, race and religion. A country that still cradles the best that humanity has to offer.
A reelected black president, a brown Miss America, whats is in store next?

A dusky girl like Nina could never become Miss India because she is not fair enough. Yes, the majority of Indians still nurture the 'frog in a well' notion that fair skin is beautiful.In my personal experience, I have seen fair skinned girls getting married to richer and more successful husbands in the much prevalent arranged  marriage setup in India.

Yes, there have been lot of racist remarks dropped on her, but on a whole the response to Nina Davuluri's success has been positive.

The racist remarks only prove that  an Average American's weakness in Science, Technology , Engineering and Math also extends  to Geography.

Its sad that Indians contribute so much to the American economy and global impact, and we still get blamed and murdered for the terrorism perpetrated by the Arabs and Pakistanis.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Vedic Astrology Guru

One of my favorite hobbies is learning vedic astrology. I have struggled to learn the subject in America and also India, through various blogs and astrology websites which offer lot of free articles on the subject. The best source to learn vedic astrology is definitely Kapiel Raaj. He definitely makes vedic astrology a fun and interesting subject. He offers a lot of free videos on youtube and also has very well organized books on the subject. He is also a self help Guru.